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3 Careers That Are Going Extinct

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If you are doing some career planning you may have started to notice that a large number of popular careers are starting to fade away with changing technology. While we have seen some careers that have been rendered extinct even throughout the past two decades, here are some of the next 3 careers that could be disappearing quicker than you think:

Machine operators

With improvements to robotics and artificial intelligence, skilled machine operators are quickly becoming extinct. Sewing machine operators for example are in steep decline. Today’s modern machines can perform some of the adaptations and garment manufacturing at a much faster rate and with much faster accuracy that any operator.

Fast food cooks

Many of the world stop fast food chains are working towards creating automated systems for their restaurants. One of the best examples of this career going extinct is the dominoes drone truck. This self-contained pizza restaurant, cooks pizzas, on board a travelling AI truck and delivers them as soon as they are ready.

Mail workers

Many top sorters and delivery agents may soon be out of a job. With improvements to image recognition in text for sorting as well as the option for drone delivery in the future, it could be possible that the average mail sorter could soon be replaced by a machine. There’s already a variety of drones and sorting machines at most Amazon warehouses and as other shipping and sorting companies get on board with these improvements, it could be just a matter of time before career mail workers are out of a job.

The world is changing quickly and with the modern boosting technology it could be just a matter of time before we start to see some of these top titles and more go extinct.

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