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Discord: The App

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The gaming community is continuing to grow stronger and stronger. Gamers tend to bond and come together over similar games that they love to play together. There is this app called Discord that allows gamers from all around the world to chat over there favorite games. Gamers can create chat rooms and send invite codes to people. Within the chatroom, there are servers that are geared towards certain interests. For examples, people who love to play Mario Kart can make a chatroom on Discord and invite people who love the game to chat and even plan competitions through this app. They could have servers dedicated to different things about the game such as those interested in competing, those who want to talk about the characters, and maybe even one to discuss tips and tricks on how to beat the game.

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Nintendo Switch Review

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Nintendo has been dominating the gaming community in the past decade, and even further. The Game Boy system took the world by storm and they have been on an uphill incline ever since. Then, it went to the Nintendo DS, to the Wii, and many others. Now, with their latest addition to their consoles, almost all children and adults from around the globe own this system in their homes.

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5 Best Online Games to Play In 2019

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Online gaming has seen a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years especially with the massively successful online game titled “Fortnite.” Since so many people are starting to become part of the online gaming community, many developers are releasing new online games every month. There are so many options out there to choose from that it can be quite confusing, in order to help you find the best online game for you, we’re going to give you our list of the 5 best online games of 2019 that you can play now. Continue reading below to see the list.

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All About the Samsung Galaxy S10

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As many of you know, the Samsung Galaxy S10 just released. There are so many specifications and features to consider when purchasing a new phone. If you’re wondering if you should purchase this phone, keep reading!

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5 Latest Smartphones Which Support 5G

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If you’ve been watching the news or keeping up with anything tech related lately, you’ve probably heard of the term 5G. 5G is the next step in revolutionary speeds and connectivity when it comes to mobile devices and many other internets enabled gadgets. In order for you to take advantage of all that 5G has to offer, you’ll need to get a 5G enabled mobile device. Not all smartphones are 5G enabled so to help you find the right 5G enabled smartphone, we’re going to list our top 5 recommendations below.

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Backpacks That Charge Your Phone

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Have you ever had a long day and your phone starts to die? Well lucky for you, there is a solution! Many companies have begun developing backpacks that can help solve this problem!

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Ways To Make Quick Money

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Everyone could use an extra amount of pocket change. Whether it be that you are a struggling college student, or need the extra money to make ends meet, here are some creative ways to put some more money in your pocket.

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Cellphone Tracking 101

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Cell phones have continued to advance their software over the years. A key component in many cell phones is that they can be easily tracked. This can be a great thing and a terrible thing depending on how you look at it.

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