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Post image for Auto Futures’ First Electric Autonomous Bus

Another remarkable and revolutionary milestone set in the world of Tech Innovation for public Land Transportation. The first full size autonomous electric bus is developed by Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) along with Volvo buses under its partnership with Land Transport Authority (LTA) which is managedby a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence system.

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Body Revival with Juvenik

Post image for Body Revival with Juvenik

Stiff shoulders and spine or painful foot, twisted wrist due to long working office hours or travel? Badly in need of massage by a therapist or spouse but no one seems to be available due to a shortage of time or busy schedule?

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Clip-On Mirrors for Safety and Security

Post image for Clip-On Mirrors for Safety and Security

In the fast-growing world with continuously evolving modern techniques, there is every need to stay alert and safe. You never know you are being watched through hidden cameras or from behind, maybe you get really engrossed in yourself that you hardly notice of any external intrusion in your work.

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Astronaut Light to enlighten your life

Ignite your day with this astronaut lamp! You would have come across multiple lamps, but this one is so unique and captivating to look. The design is simply outstanding which resembles an astronaut walking over the moon connected by a rod. You get to illuminate your study table, bedside table, etc. through an astronaut hanging by your side. This would be the best way to illuminate your room at the highest level of creativity.

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Findster GPS Tracker – To Track Your Pet

Post image for Findster GPS Tracker – To Track Your Pet

Are you tired of tracking your pet when you take him to a walk? Get ready to know the device that could make you keep track of your pet. The Findster GPS Tracker helps you be connected with your pet literally. By using this tracker, you can find your pet on your map through the GPS feature. Now it is possible to find your pet dog through this wonderful device and can save the trouble of losing them. To locate and to monitor your pet’s activity, Findster Duo plus is the right choice.

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Post image for Avani – The Future of Eco-Friendly and Anti-Plastic Products

Our planet Earth is already wrecked enough through the global warming issues and more. But this plastic effect is something that should be eradicated as soon as possible. Even government insists on it. So to lend a hand on making that happen, AVANI has been the manufacturer of eco-friendly plastic bags from the year 2014 that would save our world from any more destruction.

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Post image for LG’s Next Generation Gadget – Pod based Ice Cream Gadget

LG is a world known brand which has proved itself in all electronic domain possible. But now LG has released a prototype of a gadget which makes that has made us question ourselves. Is it even true? Yes, it is. LG has designed a pod-based ice cream making gadget known as the “Snow White” which can be utilized to make tasty ice creams at the leisure of your home. The best part of this product is that it employs the latest technologies to get things done. A modern ice cream maker at your home to get your dessert done in 5 – 10 minutes is a breakthrough towards making lives better and it will for sure.

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Readerest Magnetic Eyeglass Holder

Post image for Readerest Magnetic Eyeglass Holder

People with glasses are the most unfortunate ones when it comes to finding their spectacles in place. Even the most careful person might have forgotten when those pair were kept last night before retiring to bed. The worst case is for people who use reading glasses; because, they cannot wear it all the time, and if they aren’t using spectacle chain, they are pretty much prone to losing it.

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