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Post image for e-Readers vs Old School Books: Which Side Are You On?

Books are a great way to create a portal into another world. It can take your mind off things; let your imagination run amok, while learning a thing or two along the way. Reading books can be a great hobby, although one may not know where to start. There are books about anything and everything under the sun, so finding a specific branch to focus on can be very difficult.

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Why Sports Playoffs Are Exciting

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There comes a time, every year, when playoff fever catches the hearts and minds of every sports fan. No matter what sport they follow, everyone knows it is time to tune in when the playoffs start. What is the big deal about it, anyway? Well, at its simplest, the playoffs are a time where there is something on the line.

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Post image for Technological Advancements that 5G Will Facilitate

2019 will be bring many technological advancements, but what might be the most exciting is the development of a fifth generation mobile network. Mobile networks have come a long way since the first generation, which only carried analog audio waves. 5G will use higher frequency radio waves, which will make network much faster. The capacity of a 5G network will open up many possibilities, leading to technological advancements that may end up being truly revolutionary. Read More →

How to Protect Yourself from Ransomware Attacks

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There have been numerous ransom attacks across the world as various organizations have been attacked by malware from all across the world. Much of the work has been if the dire effect in the working of the organizations or the individual’s computers. This sudden increase in attacks has caused much of the rest of the world to rise up in seeking means and ways to protect and to prevent any further attacks. One of the most recent was the WeCry attack which showed some glaring vulnerabilities in the Microsoft system, forcing the company to reconsider its updates releases and find means and ways t counter the attacks. The company had to go against their own policies and quickly salvage a means to keep their customers and users safe and away from the attacks by the four organizations. Read More →

Post image for Motorcycle Airbag Suits: What They Are And How They Work

Accidents happen, and they can be deadly for people who are on motorcycles. There are many ways that motorcycle riders can protect themselves both physically and financially. The industry has been working to reduce that risk by producing airbag suits for motorcyclists. The technology is relatively young, so many riders are unfamiliar with them, but everybody should strive to learn about them in order to stay safe on the road. Read More →

Post image for How to Secure Your Company’s Valuable Devices During Transport

Making sure your business smoothly transitions through the relocation is crucial to your success. This will mostly depend on how fast you can be up and working after the moving day. However, your productivity can drop significantly if the electronic devices you use every day get damaged in the move. That’s why you should check out how to secure your company’s valuable devices during the transport to your new office. Read More →

Post image for Software Solutions for Small Distribution Businesses

If you are managing a small distribution business, you need to give top priority to your spending. It’s important your business is able to manage the cost of your warehouse operations in order to post profits at the end of the month. Accomplishing this is no mean feat although there are software solutions that can help you to make the process a whole lot simpler. These solutions help you to monitor and improve important details about the business and its inventory flow. Read More →

Ways To Refine Your Social Media

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Whether you are already fluent in social media or reluctant to accept its significance, it’s become clear that this new technology is both effective and here to stay for the foreseeable future. In fact, the amount of social media users is expected to break 3 billion by 2021. Social media has changed the game as far as marketing, allowing for a novel avenue for interaction between businesses and consumers. Read More →