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Every now and then we come across situations that we are left without power. A decade ago, this was probably not a big deal, but now with all these gadgets that we carry we feel left out if loose power. We want to stay connected if we are on a back country camping trip or in other places where there is no supply of continuous power. These days even people who don’t have access to stable electricity, wants to keep connected. In some parts of the world, a small population has access to electricity but majority of them have cell phones. Read More →

TWIST Plus World Adapter

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If you travel internationally you will find it so annoying when you discover that wall sockets are different in many places and you have to carry several different adapters to charge your various gadgets. Here is this TWIST Plus World Adapter DUO that will come handy no matter where you go. This universal travel adapter works in 150 countries. It can power up to four devices simultaneously by a simple twist of the base to find the appropriate adapter. Read More →

Teasmade Alarm Clock

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Teasmade were once common in the United Kingdom and some of its former colonies. Although crude versions existed in Victorian times, they only became practical with the availability of electric versions in the 1930s. They reached their peak in popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, since which time their use has declined, but they are now enjoying a revival, thanks to the technology. Read More →

AirSelfie – The Selfie Taking Mini Drone

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I recently heard that Disney has banned selfie sticks from being used on their Roller coaster rides, and rightly so, to avoid any untoward incidents. I am just wondering what they will say about this AirSelfie. I would still not use it on Roller coasters and other fast rides but then there is a world outside of the Disneyland and Disneyworld and what your AirSelfie can do. Read More →

Post image for June Oven – The Smart Oven for the Smart Cook

If you thought that microwave oven revolutionized the way our kitchens were, then think again. There is a new game changer in town that will take your cooking to a whole new level. It guarantees to cook everything to the desired temperature. Like today’s smart gadgets its cooking process is self-driven and continually learns from itself. The oven works with an App and together the system recognizes the food and automatically cooks it for you. You can watch and control your cooking even if you are not there. Read More →

Kids Motorized Personal Transporter

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This is that time of the year again when your kids expect you to surprise them with some cool gadget, that is if your budget allows it. Your kids would be super excited when they see this Kids Motorized Personal Transporter under the Christmas tree. Read More →

Smartphone Magnifier

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Ever since the smart phones became an essential part of our lives, I have been thinking of a feature added to it so you could project your pictures and videos to a screen or a wall, from a light at the end of the phone. May be someday this dream of mine will become a reality but right now this Smartphone Magnifier is the closest thing in that direction. Read More →

Loupedeck Photo Editor

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Until the advent of digital technology, photographs were made by exposing light sensitive photographic film and paper, which were processed in liquid chemical solutions in a Dark Room to develop and stabilize the image. It was a long and costly process. Read More →