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While the Amazon Echo is not perfect – yet, there are so many things that can be achieved with it. It is an incredibly intelligent device which offers so many possibilities. It is unbelievable therefore, that anyone could think that its capabilities are only limited to helping you with a couple of recipes on a random day you decide to whip up a fresh batch of cookies. Read More →

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You might run your own online business, but that doesn’t mean you’re not anyone’s boss or that you don’t answer to other people. In fact, your communications skills are more important than ever because you are now the face of your company; customers and business partners alike know with whom they are communicating when you correspond by email. To make it easier for you to stay in touch with everyone and stay on top of business, here are a few tips to help you improve your communications.
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Digital Diligence Is As Easy As 1-2-3

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The growth of digital communications has changed the modern business arena forever. Even companies that deal with offline audiences can seek huge gains from improving their online activities. Whether you’ve been in business for five decades or five minutes doesn’t matter. You must establish this task as one of your biggest priorities. Read More →

Inventist Orbitwheel Skates

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Some young people are so much into roller skates and skate boards that they would jump on anything with wheels. These orbit wheels are just a new concept in wheeled transportation. At first it is going to be a challenge, but once you get used to them they are plain fun. They bring the thrill of skateboard and inline skates. These non-motorized wheels that are independent like skates and you ride them sideways like a skate board. Read More →

One-wheel Off-Road Skateboard

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Here is another futuristic concept in portable wheeled transportation. It is robust and perfectly designed to move you at a speed of approximately 24 kilometers per hour. At a full charge of the Lithium battery you can ride up to 10 km, which is ideal for a your short range daily commute. The charging takes only 20 minutes. Speed adjustment can be done by leaning back or forward. Read More →

How to Store Your Possessions Efficiently

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There’s little point to storing your possessions at all if you’re not going to store them properly, making it very important that you use proper storage techniques and store your possessions in suitable spaces to make sure they don’t get damaged or stolen. Here are three handy tips to help you store your possessions efficiently. Read More →

Software Each Business Needs to Have

working from home

There’s much to plan when it comes kitting out your new office. There are the desks and chairs and tables for meetings, the coffee pots and microwaves, and then all those computers that have to be up and running for all your busy bee employees to do some good old fashioned hard work with. But what’s on the computer? If you have grand ambitions for your company, then it isn’t enough to just use whatever comes pre-installed on your Windows or Apple hardware. You’ll need to make sure you have the best software to boost productivity and keep you safe from harm. Read More →

Your Own DYI Solar USB Kit

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Here is your chance to learn and produce something that will go a long way towards a more renewable, sustainable, and greener energy system and less dependence fossil fuels. Nature has endowed us with an enormous source of solar energy; we only need to trap it and put it to use. Read More →