Aftersocks – The After Party Foot Solution

We all know when it’s time to go out to a party or any event, women can’t just wear their regular dress shoes like men can. Unfortunately, any stylish shoes made for women are extremely uncomfortable and cause foot pain and blisters. However, women risk their foot health so that they can look good. By the end of the night, they are usually dreading this decision as they quickly try to find a seat somewhere to take those painful shoes off. After constantly being in a situation like this, Joel Bijlmer and his girlfriend, came up with a solution, the Aftersocks. Aftersocks are high quality socks with a stylish design, made for women to wear after a night out. The Aftersocks cushion and hug your feet and relieve soreness, while still keeping you stylish as you enjoy the rest of your night, wave a taxi down or walk home.

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The Afterscocks have an underside which are made from strong PVC which enables you to wear them on the street, without your feet hurting any further. The high quality blends of cotton, nylon, elastic and PVC makes these socks extremely durable and long lasting.

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Already surpassing their crowd-funding goal on another platform, the Aftersocks are still offering plenty of perks and a chance for you to get yours on The socks are available in black, silver and gold and a three pair pack will cost about $20.

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