6 Things You Need to Know About Facebook Marketing

As more and more companies understand the importance of marketing online, particularly within social media, one site has taken over as the most preferred social media platform to use. Facebook marketing has been one of the best social media platforms to use because of its unique ability to offer a wide variety of marketing opportunities for businesses, both small and large. But positive results don’t usually occur without some understanding of the platform. Therefore, the following list includes six things you need to know about Facebook marketing. 

Incorporating Chatbots

Although Facebook is undoubtedly a great place to communicate with your core base, it can be overwhelming when you only have one message box and hundreds of questions and concerns popping up every few minutes. The fact is that many of those questions involve rather simple answers. For example, you might receive a question regarding your return policy or hours of operations. You can’t sit all day answering the same questions over and over again. Additionally, the people asking the questions probably expect a quick response. If you create a Facebook chatbot to lessen the workload of answering all those messages, you would be able to focus your energies on other activities. This is just one of the reasons that chatbots are so successful. 

Utilize Video as Much as Possible

Posting a picture of your product isn’t bad, but it certainly won’t draw the attention of a video. When people are looking at products online, they want to not only visually see it but also see it in action. A quick video demonstrating your product or service is more likely to do better with your audience and beyond. In addition, videos are much more important for small businesses who may not have the customer confidence they want just yet. A video can provide assurance to your audience, letting them know that your business is legitimate. 

Pay Attention to Facebook Insights

Perhaps the most popular reason why Facebook is used for marketing a company is that it offers business leaders with real and detailed data. This data can be used to see not only which product ads are performing well but who is watching those ads and for how long. For example, you might notice that people between the ages of 18-35 are the ones opening and interacting with your product the most. Now you can eliminate any added costs from advertising to older age groups that may not necessarily purchase from you. 

Engagement is Key 

Much like other social media platforms, Facebook runs on what is called an algorithm. This is essentially software that connects people with companies that they are more likely to interact and shop from. This is why it is so important to encourage engagement within your posts. Ask people to comment on what they want to see from your company, how they feel about the video, or simply to post their own positive or negative reviews. Doing so will tell Facebook that your business page is popular, thus putting it in front of more potential customers.




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