360° Sound And Light Lantern by Coleman

I’ve relied on Coleman products for since the beginning of my “camping career” about 12 years ago. I’ve used a number of their tents, sleeping bags, lanterns, grills, and stoves to name a few. So I know I can count on their products. The new Coleman 360° Sound and Light Lantern is another awesome piece of gear you can add to your list for camping or cabin trips. It’s the ideal for these types of trips since it’s multi-functional. 

This 2-in-1 device offers a full 360° of light and also offers the wireless capabilities of a Bluetooth speaker. Now you can have late night music at the camp site while you all enjoy each other’s company, roast some marshmallows, or while enjoying the night sky.

coleman 360 light sound lantern 1

The Sound and Light Lantern provides up to 400 lumens of hands-free light and is constructed using weather-resistant materials. The device is also offers IPX4 water resistance. What does IPX4 even mean? Okay, let’s side track for a few moments. Here is a quick breakdown of how IP ratings stack up.

  • IPX0 – No protection
  • IPX1 – Protects from dripping water
  • IPX2 – Protects from vertically dripping water
  • IPX3 – Protects from sprays up to 60°
  • IPX4 – Protects from splashing water, no matter the direction
  • IPX5 – Protects from water jets at any direction
  • IPX6 – Protects from powerful water jets
  • IPX7 – Protects in water up to 3 feet (1 meter)
  • IPX8 – Protects when immersed in water over 3 feet

So the device can handle some water but don’t take it to the lake, river, or pool! The device also features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a USB port for charging. The battery can last up to seven hours on full brightness and up to five hours of light if your’e also streaming music on the built-in Bluetooth speaker. The Coleman 360° Light and Sound Lantern is available on the Coleman website for $59.99.




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