3 Tips For Mobile Gamers

Mobile gaming is a big business. Whatever phone or tablet you have, you will likely find the game section of its respective app store to be full of a wide range of choices, with many new games hitting the market everyday.

As a result, it can be easy to lose your cool and simply dive in. However, if you want to stay safe and get the most of these games, here are a few simple tricks to for a better mobile gaming life.

Do your research

Mobile games can’t be returned like physical purchases, so don’t waste your money buying every game you see. If something is expensive and you’re unsure about it, do some research. Online reviews are an excellent way to get insight into a game as well as word of mouth: if you know people who have played it, ask them for their experience and opinion.

Similarly, you should look for demo or light versions. These may be riddled with adverts, but they showcase the game for free, allowing you to make your own, informed decision.

Stay safe

Like anything you do online, it is important to stay safe and secure. This is especially true with games and game websites where you need to keep your personal data such as financial information safe.

An SSL certificate encrypts data sent between the website and the user. As a result, any site using such a certificate has achieved a certain level of safety: hackers won’t be able to simply tune in to the data transmissions and take your personal information. Similarly, don’t put bank details into a web page without an URL starting in “https”. The extra S stands for Secure and means the website has taken extra precautions for your benefit.

Beware of in-game purchases

Speaking of financial data, mobile games often have a bad reputation for in-game purchases. This is true in some unfortunate case where games can be somewhat misleading; some common sense will ensure your money is safe.

In short, don’t spend too much money in-game. Have a look at what you’re buying and consider the actual benefits. Is it a one-time thing or does it greatly enhance the experience of the game itself? If you evaluate the purchase like anything else, you may find yourself walking a way from a few tempting but misleading deals.




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