Palm App Catalog Shutdown

Palm App Catalog DownWithin just a few hours of going up, the Palm App Catalog has been shutdown due to a rather huge flaw in the purchase verification system.  Seem that someone figured out a way to setup dummy apps, with the same name as a legit app, and then use the App Catalog to get a free “update” of the application.

Supposedly they’ll have the catalog back online by tomorrow morning — I pity the developers that’ll be pulling an all nigher to make sure that happens … just before they head of for the local unemployment office for letting it happen in the first place.

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Palm App Catalog / All about being open…

Palm LogoPalm really catching a lot of people by surprise today:  Allowing app developers to do whatever they want!

Palm will allow developers to create and distribute their (free) apps without any approval process.  Just submit the application and Palm provides the developer a URL for distribution.  Users just click the link and easily install their new app.  Whats more, developers that plan on making their applications Open Source won’t even have to pay the $99 yearly fee they normally charge.

It seems they’ve reviewed the Apple play-book and created their own plays to be the exact opposite.

So, whats up with the Palm Catalog (their App Store)?  Developers will still be able to submit applications for sale in the catalog for a fee of $50.  Details are a bit sketchy, but I’m assuming this is the only way to sell apps.

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Flash for everyone! Except iPhone.

No Flash Player for iPhoneSo, every other platform can have Flash, why can’t the iPhone?  Well, Adobe blames Apple — and I do to!

Although you won’t be able to create Flash apps for the iPhone, upcoming Flash Authoring Software from Adobe will compile native iPhone apps. Apple forbids embedded Flash apps citing battery consumption.

Frankly, I think they’re just trying to protect App Store profits as the vast majority of iPhone App Store offerings could easily be created and/or already exist as Flash apps.  Giving Flash access to the GPS and accelerometer would allow any Flash coder to create some pretty powerful apps and could easily take Apple out of the loop.

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AT&T Tilt 2 and Pure

AT&T Tilt 2 and AT&T Pure

The AT&T Tilt 2 (aka HTC TouchPro 2) and Pure (aka HTC Diamond 2) should be showing up at AT&T very soon.  Both phones will feature the new Windows Mobile 6.5 and an enhanced version of TouchFLO.  The Touch 2 should carry a price of about $300 after rebates and a 2 year contract and the Pure should run about half that, $150, after rebates and 2 year contract.

The original Tilt and it’s older siblings have been my choice for WinMo phones for the past 5+ years, until I picked up a 3G iPhone, so I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with the Tilt 2 in the very near future — perhaps it’ll sway me back over to the WinMo side of the fence.

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Pirate Bay, Shutdown… for about 3 hours.

Swedish authorities order bandwidth suppliers to turn the lights out on The Pirate Bay or face a $70,000 fine.  Switch flipped.  DNS changed and, like a cockroach after a nuclear strike, The Pirate Bay continues doing what it does.

The pirate bay shirt to Sweedish authoritiesAccording to, Rick Falkvinge, leader of The Pirate Party said: “This is absolutely ridiculous. The Court seems to consider themselves above the Constitution,” while criticizing the effect that these civil actions are having on freedom of speech. “This clarifies how copyright law has become untenable, and how information is lacking political skills in the judiciary,”

And so the game continues…

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Globalfoundries ain’t messin’ around.  They’re either gonna be huge or broke here within the next few years.  Hopefully the former.

One thing is clear: Globalfoundries is rather optimistic about its future since starting planning the third fab means that the company is confident about utilization of its fab 1 and fab 2.

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iPhone 3.0.1 update for Jailbroken phones

Looks like Saurik is working some new magicks for Jailbroken iPhones.  Just after the 3.0.1 release yesterday, Cydia was updated with a message stating:

iPhone 3g 3.0.1 JailbreakUsers of 3.0 who are willing to wait for 3.0.1 may wish to wait a while longer ;P

(saurk is working on something that is going to make the upgrade process a lot simpler for people who are already using jailbroken devices.  Note that by “a while” I mean “a week”, not “mere hours from now, so check quickly and rapidly” ;P .)

No more details will be given for now.

The Apple iPhone upgrade process for minor upgrades has never made much sense to me.  It seems the 3.0.1 upgrade is right around the 300mb mark, and I’m guessing a patch could be created thats significantly smaller.  Perhaps Saurik has devised a way to diff the 3.0 vs. 3.0.1 and just patch up the few files that have changed?

Looking forward to seeing what he’s come up with.

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Official Android Facebook app in the works

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...
Image via CrunchBase

Could arrive as early as this week, according to TechCrunch.

The app could hit the Android Market (its version of the App Store) as soon as the end of this week.

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