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It is quite frustrating to plan for events, only to cancel halfway because you did not factor changes in the environment. You could have hired some tents to keep your guests safe against rainfall, only for the sky to remain spotless, or even dressing for a cold rainy day, only to bear scorching sun throughout the day. Many are times you may have followed the national forecasting stations, only to fail you in the hour of need. It is likely to change with the introduction of the Dark Sky, a hyperlocal, responsive weather forecast system that keeps you abreast with the changes as they happen. Read More →

App Development for Gaming

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So, you’ve just read an article about how the latest “Live Casino Games” app is raking in Scrooge McDuck money, and you’re wondering how you go about getting some of that sweet app cash for yourself. Read More →

All Round Privacy Protection

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Most people have their entire lives and very vital personal information in their phones, hence making privacy and security a common need for most phones. LEO Privacy Guard is an android mobile app that has the ability keep all your private information away from prying eyes. With LEO Privacy Guard you are in a position to lock anything you wish on your phone from apps to contacts and messages. Read More →

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The level of satisfaction in the workplace can be at an all-time high, or devastatingly low. Even though spectrum can vary wildly, studies centered on satisfaction in the workplace almost always revolve around the vital aspect of flexibility. However, many industries simply don’t have the luxury of being versatile or flexible. In the fast-paced, technologically-savvy world we live in, many workers need quick access to data, schedules, agendas, and so on and so forth. Read More →

How Boost Mobile Helped My Online Gaming

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I love gaming online, it’s just what I do. If you’re anything like me (and, well, you probably are), then you already know the joys that this wonderful process has to offer. I’m not going to beat around the bush, I can get rather frustrated when it comes to winning and losing online. When things are going wrong I can get pretty sassy, because that’s just how I am! Me and my friends usually use Team-speak to communicate, and we’re always going on gaming marathon through Steam; but sometimes Team-speak isn’t reliable enough to keep our chatter going. Read More →

Turn Your Mobile into a Money Maker

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The wonders of modern technology have made it possible to turn your mobile into a complete entertainment device. From games and movies to exercise aids and day planners, it’s now possible to do a wide range of activities using your smartphone or tablet. Read More →

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Mobile gaming continues to grow in popularity among smartphone and tablet users. This particular section of the gaming industry is relatively new. Before Android and iOS launched, games were available for mobile devices, but they weren’t that popular. Both operating systems made games more accessible and popular, though. Read More →

3 Tips For Mobile Gamers

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Mobile gaming is a big business. Whatever phone or tablet you have, you will likely find the game section of its respective app store to be full of a wide range of choices, with many new games hitting the market everyday.

As a result, it can be easy to lose your cool and simply dive in. However, if you want to stay safe and get the most of these games, here are a few simple tricks to for a better mobile gaming life. Read More →