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When it comes to purchasing a mobile phone, you’ve got literally hundreds, if not thousands, of models to choose from. However, once you have decided on the device you want, you’ve then got another decision to make: contract or pay-as-you-go. Read More →

The iPhone App from 888casino

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The 888casino iPhone app is the latest sensation to entertain the online gaming world. As the world’s premier online gaming provider, 888casino offers a quality iPhone casino app download with all the accoutrements that players have come to expect. For starters, the 888 mobile casino app is 100% free to download and install. The latest version is 47.1 MB of adrenaline-packed entertainment — just the way casino fans like it. The 888 mobile casino app is available in 16 languages, including Turkish, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Dutch, and English. Read More →

Why Betting Is Going Mobile

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Today, one of the easiest ways to get a bet on a football game, tennis match or other sporting event is to use your mobile, and that’s what punters in the UK seem to be doing. In a report by early this year, the top five bookmakers in the UK were seen to have doubled their revenue on mobile betting during 2013.

More than half the population in the UK now has a mobile; more than the numbers of people who own a pc. Many of those mobile users will now Read More →

The Coolest New Apps For iPhones

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As the number of smartphone users continues to grow, the apps available for iPhones are becoming more and more impressive. While some are just silliness and games—a way to kill idle time—I’m finding more and more attractive apps available that, properly utilized, can have a positive impact on one’s lifestyle. Read More →

Why YOU Should Make Free Mobile Apps

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You’re probably wondering what the most frequently downloaded apps are these days, so we checked into the latest statistics on your behalf. Those of you who develop mobile apps know there’s big money to be made (read below–who’d believe how much money an independent developer, @SimonFilip, can make!) as the mobile web continues to expand in flat design glory. Read More →

Android rootkit demonstrated

At Defcon.

As the researchers demonstrated in their talk, this gives the attacker access to the Android phone’s SQLite database, allowing them to view, for example, a victim’s texts or contacts. It’s also possible to remotely read the device’s current GPS coordinates and to make outgoing calls without this being shown on the display.

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Android Market
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Disclosure: I use AppBrain.  I find it very useful to browse apps online & then easily sync/install on my Captivate.  Looks like they’ve been pretty hard at work filtering out the crap, though, & have some interesting things to say on the state of the Android Market.  Apparently, out of the total 70,000 apps that Google states are available, the number of craptacular apps has risen from 30% in March to 50% today.  Yep, 20% increase in 4 months.  Thankfully, they’re working to improve their search algorithm to filter these spam-tastic apps from their search results.  My question is: why isn’t Google taking up the lead on this?  Kudos to AppBrain for their efforts.

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What will we see at MWC next month? 6.6?

Microsoft’s Mobile World Congress is just about four weeks away now, & WMPowerUser is heavily speculating (along with many others) that Windows Mobile 7 will be announced at the annual conference.  That’s announced, mind you; I don’t see any devices showing up with it on board until Q4.  Though WMPU has quite a compelling list of reasons, DigiTimes (which is known for being accurate on these sorts of things) is saying that it won’t be the new version 7 that will be trotted out, but yet another interim release, version 6.6.

Seeing as how we’ve just seen 6.5.3, plus its threaded email glory, hit the interwebz, & that DigiTimes says that 6.6 will be the same ol’ plus capacitive touch screen support, I can definitely see this line of thought playing out.  The disheartening bit in the DigiTimes piece is that WM7 may be sloughed off till 2011… but would anyone really be surprised about that at this point?

Guess we’ll see in four weeks….

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