DELL Latitude Rugged Extreme Laptops

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My dad is in the field most of the time. I have often seen a dead beat case in his luggage which I always thought was some kind of a tool box until one day he opened it in the living room and to my amazement I found that it was a DELL laptop. The laptop appeared to have received a fair share of harsh treatment in the punishing conditions of the field as it was all covered with dirt, dust, water drops and scratches but it was in perfect working condition. It could also be converted into a touch screen tablet through a flip-hinge mechanism. Read More →

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Today’s merchant must accept credit and debit cards. That’s simply the way most customers prefer to pay. Fortunately, the merchant has more creative, lower cost options for accepting card payments now than ever before.

Virtual card terminals allow a business to transact credit and debit card payments with an inexpensive and efficient point-of-sale system. This new POS can replace physical card terminals with a smartphone, tablet, or computer application. Some providers offer a variety of tools to the merchant for maximum flexibility in accepting payments. Card Cutters, in alliance with Allied Irish Bank (GB) Merchant Services, are an example of a low-cost merchant total payment processing solution. Read More →

Flashback’s iPhone 5 Retro Phone Case

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Way back in the day in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, the goal of cell phones was to go as small as possible. Now, it’s about fitting the biggest screen possible into the palm of your hand. With so many new phones coming out every few months, sometimes it’s just nice to step back and remember the “good ol’ days”. The days when phones like the retro looking Nokia/Motorola handsets were popular. Or perhaps you happen to live in an area where it’s a bit rough and your fancy iPhone will draw too much unwanted attention.

This is where you can have the best of both worlds. This Retro Phone case for the iPhone 5 may look like an old, outdated phone that nobody wants yet your state-of-the-art phone is just beneath that 1990’s looking keypad. Pretty cool right?

This Retro Phone case can be yours for $34.95 at Amazon.

Using a NAS In a Virtualized Environment

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Virtualization offers businesses the freedom to deploy, reconfigure and scale their infrastructure at a moment’s notice and with minimal cost. The beauty of virtualization is that it can make the best of existing equipment and infrastructure. (Industry experts believe that Google also uses virtualization, not state of the art servers, to achieve its massive reach and processing resource.)

Over time, your storage demands will require investment in additional infrastructure, and that’s where Dell NAS server technology comes in. You’re your data needs to be available, shareable, secure and easy to manage, Dell Unified Storage is the ideal solution. Read More →

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Here is a door lock, Kevo that eliminates the need for a key. You can open or close the lock by simply touching it if you have the right key fob or an iPhone4s/5. Not only this, but you can have your friends and family get access to the premises if they have the iPhone and right app that is paired with this. The traditional keyhole and key is also provided just in case the batteries die at a time when you need them the most.

The Kevo operates on 4 AA batteries, and will warn you both on the door and through your phone if batteries need replacement. The product will be available for shipping by the end of October. Right now it is available only through pre-order and it will cost you around $219.

Which 2013 Tablet is the Best for Gaming?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

In some ways it is hard to actually choose a single tablet released this year as the best one for gaming. So many of these devices are targeting people who play strategy, social, role playing and casino games like slots – and partly because Apple’s new iPad 5 has yet to appear in the stores. A lot of gamers automatically favor the iPad simply because using iOS gives them access to the App Store’s unbeatable quality and choice of games apps, undoubtedly one of the major bonuses of iOS tablets. However there has also been some fine Android gaming tablets released in 2013. Read More →

Smartphone-to-Smartphone Charger Cable

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First there were jumper cables for Trains and then came jumper cables for our vehicles. Further evolution saw air-to-air refueling of jets. Not to be outdone the electronic industry has come up with a smartphone-to-smartphone charging cables where other smartphone users with full batteries can help you out if your battery dies down on you in middle of nowhere.

The microUSB-to-microUSB cable acts in the same way as jumper cables do for vehicles. While this will help you in case of an emergency, your friends will lose some power in the process. We recommend that this be used very wisely because this can put both of you in an unfavorable situation. You could also help others in dire situations if you have enough back up power. The cable will cost you $15.45.

Girl Playing MMORPG

Online gaming is a very popular pastime throughout the world. People of all ages, from all walks of life, and from all over the world, come together on a regular basis to compete in fun online games. Shooters and MMORPG’s (massively multiplayer online role playing games) are the most popular, but there are all types of games that offer online play. There are also online gambling games, such as poker. ALL of these games have something in common – the need for a high-speed broadband internet connection. Read More →