Post image for HeroMods turns you into 3D Action form conveying Your Inner Child’s Dreams to reality

For some people, expressing oneself is a rather hard task.  For such reason, HeroMods twists you Into a 3D action figure showing your inner youngster`s wishes to existence.  As a result, you can articulate the pattern of your heart in a creative and personal ways, some that you never knew they exist. Read More →

Post image for Best Tech to Help You Keep an Eye on Your Money

If you want to keep an eye on your money and keep your funds in your account then tech is one of the best ways to do it. For some ideas of how you can look after your money, here is some useful tech to get you saving money the right way. Read More →

Post image for I Love My Neck Firming Cream and Yes – I’m a Dude

Can I tell you guys a secret? A couple of months ago, as a guy, I’d have felt really funny saying this, but my neck is starting to go weird as I age. By “go weird,” I mean that over the past few years, I’m noticing neck wrinkles and general sagging that absolutely weren’t there before. Some of my buddies probably have it, too, but if it bugs them, they sure aren’t talking. Read More →

Post image for Being Safe While Transacting for Online Games

Online games have become the new source of entertaining people during their leisure time. It is one of the best ways to earn profits by playing different online games. There are lots of the website where you can play several online games here. Read More →

Hidden Dangers Of The Online World

Post image for Hidden Dangers Of The Online World

Are you aware of all the dangers that remain hidden when you go online? We’re not trying to breed paranoia here, but the internet can be a filled with issues that could have devastating consequences for your finances and your personal life. Let’s look at some of the potential enemies online and figure out how to combat them effectively. Read More →

Best dating App for Summer 2017

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Are you looking for ways to spice up your summer? Why not turn to the Spritzr matchmaking app and crank up the heat a little? This dating app can help you connect with people recommended to you, by your friends. This helps remove some of the stigma that typically goes along with your traditional dating app, since you already have something in common, your friends. Read More →

8 Hot New Trends in Online Dating

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The world of online dating never stands still. As technology develops, enterprising programmers and web designers are constantly finding new ways to harness the internet to bring people together. In fact, the process is so dynamic that sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Read More →

Post image for The Evolution of Netspeak and the Increasing Use of Emoticons and Emojis

The humble colon and parenthesis, :), started something revolutionary when it was first used on a university forum in 1982. Described as ‘the electronic equivalent of a spin doctor’ by writer Neal Stephenson these expressions have been used to indicated the tone of online communication. For as long as we’ve been communicating online we’ve needed to demarcate different emotions. This is because the lack of tone or facial expressions means that messages can be misinterpreted as more hostile than intended. Since 1982 these combinations of punctuation have developed and morphed through many different forms across the world. Today they are popularised as emojis, used by 92% of people online. Read More →