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Whether you work in the tech industry or your business uses any kind of technology, keeping up with the latest developments and trends is vital. Things move pretty quickly in the world of tech, and if you’re not careful to follow what’s happening, it could all pass you by. You could be a business owner, a tech expert, or just someone who’s interested in how technology can be used in business. If you want to stay up to date with what’s happening in various tech sectors, there are multiple ways you can ensure you get the information you need. Have a look at some of these options to avoid getting left behind. Read More →

Going Covert – What You Need To Know

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As tech becomes smaller, more and more tech geeks are enjoying the opportunity to go covert. Most of us have phones and dashboard cameras that can record our day. You could then upload it to YouTube, or any other social media account to share with the world. Of course, it’s pretty obvious that you’re recording video with those devices. When you’re recording covertly, you want the device, and your activities to remain hidden. Read More →

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The internet is a marvelous thing, isn’t it? No longer do we have to wait for a film to be available to rent at the local video store before we can view it. Streaming services have blown the entire industry wide open, and not only has accessibility improved, but there’s a whole range of amazing content subscription fees have allowed to gestate. Read More →

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Sometimes looking for a specific answer on Google can be a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Technology can be our best and worst friend. Trying to find the best starting point for an education in the technology industry can be a bit like looking for that needle. Everyone has a suggestion for everything, and the options are endless. So I’ve teamed up with some of the experts and narrowed it down to one online course. Read More →

Understanding Synthetic ID Fraud

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In traditional identity fraud, perpetrators use another individual’s name, Social Security Number (SSN) and other personally identifiable information to acquire credit. Practitioners of synthetic identity theft also use a real SSN, but they attach a fictitious name to it. They then use this combination to establish new credit accounts. This is critical to understanding synthetic ID fraud, because operating this way makes the practice very difficult to detect. Read More →

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Over the years, I’ve become increasingly busy. I work as a publicist at a PR firm that manages record labels, so when I’m not on the phone or writing, I’m getting on a plane and traveling. It’s kind of a fun, “six-degrees-from-being-a-rockstar” lifestyle that allows me to rub elbows and hang out with some pretty well-known music legends without being in the spotlight, myself. Read More →

Post image for A Quick Guide to Personal Protective Equipment for Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when they perform particular tasks; these tasks may mean coming into contact with blood or other bodily fluids, which could carry infectious material or agents. Read More →

Post image for HeroMods turns you into 3D Action form conveying Your Inner Child’s Dreams to reality

For some people, expressing oneself is a rather hard task.  For such reason, HeroMods twists you Into a 3D action figure showing your inner youngster`s wishes to existence.  As a result, you can articulate the pattern of your heart in a creative and personal ways, some that you never knew they exist. Read More →