Kickball Ice Cream Maker

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The idea of a treat after a chore is completed, goes a long way, be that your pets or kids. Play soccer for half hour of and have a nice treat of ice cream, could be very motivational for kids who would rather play with their electronic gadgets than play ball.

The Kickball Ice Cream Maker is a ball-shaped ice cream maker, where you simply pour in cream, sugar, vanilla, or your other favorite flavor into it. The ice cream compartment is safely sealed. The annular space between the ice cream compartment the outer shell is filled with ice and rock salt.  The ice cream making process starts when you seal up the ball and start kicking the ball. After 20 minutes of kicking around your ice cream should be ready. Read More →

Organize Cables Easily with the Cable Label Set

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The more gadgets you get the more cables there are. Its crazy at the back of my computer desk with cables running everywhere. It’s so hard to follow a particular cable to the corresponding device. I have used bread bag clips on cables as a solution but they are small and don’t look very cool. Now when I found this cute label set, I am going to replace those clips. Read More →

HydraCoach – Tells You When To Drink

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Water is human body’s principal chemical component and makes up about 60 percent of its body weight. Every system in the body depends on water. For example, water flushes toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to cells, and provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues.

Lack of water can lead to dehydration, a condition that occurs when the body doesn’t have enough water in to carry out normal functions. Even mild dehydration can drain energy and make one feel tired. Water is lost through breath, perspiration, urine and bowel movements. For body to function properly, one must replenish its water supply by consuming beverages and foods that contain water. Read More →

Bygen’s Hank Direct Bike

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Folding bicycles are designed to fold into a compact form, facilitating transport and storage. When folded, the bikes can be more easily carried into buildings and workplaces or on public transportation, and more easily stored in compact living quarters or aboard a car, boat or plane. There is another advantage that the airline baggage regulations often permit folding bikes as ordinary luggage, without extra cost. Read More →

The Self Stirring Mug

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Here is an innovative idea of mixing your cream and sugar in your morning coffee. You don’t have to carry any spoon, tongue depressor or those annoying swizzles. Simply add your sweetener and cream to your drink and push the button, the cup will do the stirring for you.

The Mug takes 3 AAA batteries and will cost you $18.99.

HB Pencil lamp

I’ve seen some giant pencils in my life and I even wore a pencil costume when I was a kid but the HB Lamp is by far the coolest pencil I’ve seen to date. This giant pencil may be pretty useless when it comes down to writing down great ideas but it will do an awesome job at starting conversations and acting as a modern piece of art. The body of the over sized pencil lamp is made out of cedar wood just like a real pencil but the eraser portion is where the bulb is housed. Read More →

Yerka – The Hard to Steal Bicycle

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Bike riding is good for more than saving the planet and your hard-earned cash. It’s also one of the most effective workouts you’ll ever do. But protecting your prized ride from determined thieves is a challenge in itself. There are several locking mechanisms available for bikes but industrious thieves always find ways to break bike locks. However, a sturdy lock and savvy locking strategy will greatly reduce the risk of your bike being singled out by thieves. Read More →

Star Wars Spaceship Poster Set

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Whether you’re a fan of the “dark side” or the “light side”, you’re sure going to love these Star Wars spaceship posters, available at

The Star Wars spaceship poster set consists of three canvases that measure 11” x 17” and are digitally printed on 250g textured cardstock. The posters come with white borders, giving them an expensive feel. The ships featured on the posters are fan favorite X-Wing fighters piloted by the rebel forces, the Millenium Falcon piloted by Chewbacca and Han Solo, and the third poster has the Imperial Star Destroyer surrounded by Tie fighters. Read More →