The Jung Smart House

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The real estate industry has seen numerous innovations that have introduced new designs as well as construction materials. A look at the modern trends shows various initiatives to improve energy efficiency and recycling efforts to prevent pollution. The Jung smart house is yet another innovation that shows what the housing sector might be in a few years to come. The German engineered home features KNX sensors which regulate light, shade, temperature, air quality as wells as audio entertainment systems in the house. Read More →

Autonomous Self-Driving Trike

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Over the last few decades, the motor industry has seen various revolutions, which have given autonomous, high performing, yet fuel-efficient vehicles. Manually transmitted cars are almost exiting the market with the self-driving and electrical models making a grand entry into the highly competitive market. With increased focus on the motor industry, the bike industry lags behind on the level of automation, notwithstanding the immense benefits it gives on the road. Nevertheless, the autonomous self-driving trike is a real test on how people can tap technology in small scale. Read More →

Concept Autonomous Tractor – Easier Farm Life

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Since the agrarian revolution, the world has seen tremendous innovations in the field of science and agriculture, which have improved crop production and animal rearing. From mechanized farming to chemical elements, irrigation and crop surveillance systems, more than half of agricultural tasks are automated. If the recent innovations are anything to go by, agriculture is yet to hit the peak of changes. Every technology aims to lower the cost of production, increase farm output while enhancing the consumer safety. Read More →

Mortier Pilon Home Fermentation Crock

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Fermented food is not only delicious but also healthy. Everyone wants to make their own, but only a few are willing to take on the smelly and gross process. Fermentation brings helpful bacteria and probiotics, which balances the digestive system for better absorption. Without the right equipment, the process can be messy for the beginners as well as the experts. Read More →

Wide Path Camper – Tiny Mobile Home

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When it comes to camping, you probably think about of a tent in a jungle. Unknown to them is that one can still camp in urban centers using the Wide Path Camper. The little mini camper comes with features that make it suitable for attaching to the bicycle. The prompt inflatable shelter accommodates two adults sleeping and four adults sitting, dining, and relaxing. It is the best way to take some time off the regular camping excursions. Read More →

FORMcard – Fixes Plastic Stuff

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A unique, pocket sized plastic card, that can be used to fix things quickly in emergency situations. The card becomes soft and workable when immersed in hot water for a few seconds and become hard when cooled down. The finished product may not look very attractive but it will work. The cards are made from a non-toxic starch based bio-plastic and are safe for use in the kitchen. Read More →

Plant Lamp – LED Light Powered by Plants

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Grow lights or plant lights have been used to stimulate plant growth by emitting an electromagnetic spectrum appropriate for photosynthesis. But this Plant Lamp is an entirely different concept; diametrically opposite in fact. Instead of using light for growth, these plants produce light as they grow. Read More →

Foldable Chair Backpack

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Here is a light-weight (2.6 Lb.) back packs that converts into a comfortable chair in seconds. It will come handy when you are travelling, hiking , camping or even on crowded air or train terminals. The back pack is made from heavy-duty water resistant polyester and can easily fit a small laptop. The total bag capacity is 47 L and the chair can take a load of approximately 220 lb. Read More →