Podpad Storage Desk By RUPHUS

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When it comes to creating more space, the struggle is real especially if you have many types of furniture at the office. If you have ever daydreamed of the perfect cataloged office space, then the Podpad storage desk is the folding desk of your dreams. It is a simple wooden desk that is designed just to slide into the wall space when not in use, thereby creating more space in the office. Read More →

Post image for Earth Prison Dome of superb Nothingness-Thanks to Van der Sluis

No doubt prison life has among the most challenges to inmates especially as a result of being cut out from the society. The good news is that designer Van der Sluis has the heart for all detainees and has taken a step of designing a unique dome for prisoners. It is the ultimate choice for inmates playing any sporting activity or those sick of the conventional and rather dull prison designs. Read More →

Mouse Pad Arm-stand Desk Extender

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Here is a mouse pad that enhances usability of the mouse compared to using a mouse directly on a table by providing additional surface to allow it to move accurately and without jitter. Attachable to your desk or chair, this will increase ergonomics by providing a padded wrist rest. Also reduces stress from cervical vertebrae, shoulder, arm and wrist; keep correct posture, avoid cervical vertebrae ache, mouse hand and nearsightedness. Read More →

Tree Shaped Wind Turbines by New Wind

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At the planning phase, the bulk of erections at your yard are purely aesthetics. What if you set up a tree that can generate enough power for your household? As the world moves towards green energy, you can follow suit through the tree shaped wind turbines. The NewWind made turbines are fully functional yet stunning power generators that keep your home stunning. Amid rising costs of electricity, it provides a rare opportunity to lower your monthly bills. Read More →

Disaster Dispatch Search DDS Rescue Drone

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Nature demands that humans ought to prepare for the unexpected. A look at residential homes and workstations show some level of disaster preparedness regarding investments as well as awareness. While it helps keep them ready for incidents, disasters strike when least expected, prompting the need for robust response mechanisms to mitigate the impacts. In some instances, evacuations tend to increase danger arising from accidents causing the death of the response teams. The DDS (disaster dispatch search) rescue drone comes in handy towards eliminating cases of double tragedies as it removes the need for human evacuations. Read More →

The Jung Smart House

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The real estate industry has seen numerous innovations that have introduced new designs as well as construction materials. A look at the modern trends shows various initiatives to improve energy efficiency and recycling efforts to prevent pollution. The Jung smart house is yet another innovation that shows what the housing sector might be in a few years to come. The German engineered home features KNX sensors which regulate light, shade, temperature, air quality as wells as audio entertainment systems in the house. Read More →

Autonomous Self-Driving Trike

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Over the last few decades, the motor industry has seen various revolutions, which have given autonomous, high performing, yet fuel-efficient vehicles. Manually transmitted cars are almost exiting the market with the self-driving and electrical models making a grand entry into the highly competitive market. With increased focus on the motor industry, the bike industry lags behind on the level of automation, notwithstanding the immense benefits it gives on the road. Nevertheless, the autonomous self-driving trike is a real test on how people can tap technology in small scale. Read More →

Concept Autonomous Tractor – Easier Farm Life

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Since the agrarian revolution, the world has seen tremendous innovations in the field of science and agriculture, which have improved crop production and animal rearing. From mechanized farming to chemical elements, irrigation and crop surveillance systems, more than half of agricultural tasks are automated. If the recent innovations are anything to go by, agriculture is yet to hit the peak of changes. Every technology aims to lower the cost of production, increase farm output while enhancing the consumer safety. Read More →