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I think it’s fair to say that most of us use coffee mugs on a daily basis. But do you have a boring ol’ coffee mug or is it something customized? Does it represent who you are? The most customized mug I have is one with pictures of my niece and nephew but it doesn’t get used. It’s strictly for display purposes and for me to stare at from time to time.

The Mugs you see below are unique, cool, and will likely cause you to go looking online for something similar. After viewing the collection of mugs, comment below on which one is your most favorite and least favorite. Read More →

Ultraskiff Angler 360: The Bumper boat

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For all those outdoor enthusiasts here is an innovative personal water craft that is ideal for an unlimited choice of activities.

The Ultraskiff 360 is a lightweight round boat with a detachable pedestal mount in the center that gives you a 360° view. Ideal for both calm and rough waters you can always stay focused on one item no matter what the wind or water direction is. It is stable and highly maneuverable for hard to reach places. Ultraskiff 360 is small but has enough storage compartments for battery, tools and other utility storage. It has drainage system, bow/tow ring, side bumper, 6 rod holders, 2 handles, 4 cleats, 4 cup holders and 8 strap guides. The boat is easy to transport by vehicle or by hand and because of its round design can be easily maneuvered through doors, hallways and elevators for indoor storage. Read More →

Hey Joe Coffee Mug

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Here is a complete coffee system in a coffee mug. This is a portable coffee machine built-in a coffee mug. The next time you are on the road and run out of your favorite hot beverage, you don’t have to look for a Tim Horton or Starbucks.  You can own the Hey Joe Coffee Mug for $49 via HeyJoeCoffee Shop.

The cup can also be used as a regular coffee mug. It works with the company’s own coffee pods.  Just add water and select the button for your choice of hot or cold coffee.

Vacuum Bug Catcher

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Merely the sight of a spider gives me goose bumps even if it is yards away. If you are like millions of us arachnophobics, then here is this ingenious device to catch those nasty looking bugs at an arm’s length and get rid of them in a humane way. The Vacuum Bug Catcher uses a telescoping Read More →

The Backpack Cooler Chair

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This portable chair and cooler is a wonderful concept for tailgate parties, picnics, beaches, and outdoor sporting events. It can be conveniently carried as a backpack. If your kids are into sports and you are on the sideline on those hot summer days, then this is a perfect gift for you that will keep you comfortable and cool. While the chair weighs only 13 lbs., it can support up to 350 lbs. The chair/cooler folds to about 10″ wide and is ideal for carrying around as a backpack with the two shoulder straps. Read More →

Mogo Portable Seat

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Although standing is a natural position for the human body, sometimes spending the entire day on your feet can cause considerable discomfort. If you find yourself in situations where you have to stand in one place for prolonged periods of times, like in a concert or around a soccer field, Mogo Portable Seat is built just for folks like you. It is lightweight (2 lbs.), is only 18” long, and extends to 37” via 3 telescoping sections. The fiberglass reinforced seat measures 14.5” x 8” and comfortably fits your posterior and will support up to 200 lbs. Read More →

Periodic Table for Science Geeks

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I never thought learning could be this much fun. This must-have Periodic Table for Science Geeks is for all those science enthusiasts, students and teachers interested in learning more about the world and the universe. It is not just a chemistry class Periodic Table but it integrates the sciences of physics, astronomy, geology, anthropology, psychology and biology with chemistry and mathematics in a way that makes learning fun. It methodically takes each element on the periodic table and associates its element symbol to scientific stuff, inventions, concepts, theories and explorations. Read More →

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The Englishman Mr. Radley might have invented galoshes to keep his feet dry and to keep his rheumatism in check; we today have even more uses for them. When the weather suddenly turns bad and you don’t have that one pair of snow shoes that you always avoided to buy because winter was so short in your area. Well, if you are still reluctant to invest in a pair of shoes, here is a solution. In order to add more traction to your regular shoe soles, have a pair of Nordic Grip Galoshes which will just do that. These shoe covers can stretch over large pairs of shoes and are available in black and cyan colors and in three different sizes. You can pull them even over you dress shoes for added traction if you have to walk across the street to get to your office. The shoe covers will cost you around $55.