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The world has gone mobile. Don’t worry, we’re not intending to shock anyone with that statement or get onto some breaking news channel. We all know this has been going on for a fair bit of time. The majority of internet surfers now use their mobiles as, well, metaphorical surfboards. That is why so many businesses started scrambling to make sure their websites were as slick and sleek on mobile as they were on laptops. But this isn’t enough anymore. There is a battle: websites versus apps because, these days, if you want your business to really thrive, you need your own app. Read More →

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been immersed in geek culture. I grew up on a steady diet of anything and everything Star Wars-related. My bedroom was filled with comic books and action figures. Gaming wasn’t just a hobby, but a way of life. I devoured the Lord of the Rings series as soon as I was old enough to read them and moved on to the George R. R. Martin-created world inside of Game of Thrones. Read More →

Top Solutions for Creating eBooks Online

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A big part of the decision about which solution to choose when creating an eBook is going to depend on what type of publication it is. There are some solutions, such as self-publishing on Amazon, which are better suited to budding novelists. On the other hand, if your aim is to create a magazine or brochure to support your website content, you should look for an option such as Flipping Book. You can read more detailed information about this at jquery flipbook – enstitute.org. Read More →

Post image for Rocky Rocket Armchair Will Launch Your kid’s Imagination into Space

It is every parent wish to make their children content and able to achieve their dreams.  As ways of showing love to children, parents often go an extra mile in an attempt to not only motivates their kids but to also help discover their talents and unique skills.  Among the best and most competent of helping your children launch their dreams into some creative space is by getting them the delightful rocket armchair. Read More →

ShelfPack – The Suitcase Reinvented

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When you travel, packing and unpacking is always a huge problem. Most of the times, it is hard to find what you are looking for. And often, you make a mess of that well folded and creased stuff in the process. Read More →

Post image for Solar Powered Fabric – Next Generation Textiles

Solar panels are generally hard and fragile. Recently efforts have been made to make them more pliable, breathable and flexible. Such materials have been used in stadium covers, carports and even wearable art where roughness of the fabric does not make much difference. However, to make them into wearable fabrics has always been a challenge. Read More →

Podpad Storage Desk By RUPHUS

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When it comes to creating more space, the struggle is real especially if you have many types of furniture at the office. If you have ever daydreamed of the perfect cataloged office space, then the Podpad storage desk is the folding desk of your dreams. It is a simple wooden desk that is designed just to slide into the wall space when not in use, thereby creating more space in the office. Read More →

Post image for Earth Prison Dome of superb Nothingness-Thanks to Van der Sluis

No doubt prison life has among the most challenges to inmates especially as a result of being cut out from the society. The good news is that designer Van der Sluis has the heart for all detainees and has taken a step of designing a unique dome for prisoners. It is the ultimate choice for inmates playing any sporting activity or those sick of the conventional and rather dull prison designs. Read More →