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Bright Blinds

I was very excited when I learned that I was going to get a real office in place of the cubicle that I had used as my office for the last couple of years. There was no privacy in the cubicle, and apart from being noisy at times, my personal items got “borrowed”, never to be returned.

However it turned out that, like many other offices in the building, it was located in the middle and had no windows. Although the office was well ventilated and illuminated, I often got suffocating feelings, especially during long and busy workdays. I heard similar complaints from other co-workers who occupied offices like mine. Some felt claustrophobic and the productivity was going down. After three months I moved back to my cubicle again. Read More →

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I’m looking forward to a new chapter in my life when I become a dad in the next three to four weeks. Our little two bedroom apartment is kept clutter-free and we try to keep “items” to a bare minimum. But I have two nephews and a niece so I now very well what happens when kids enter your life. Although our plan to to keep our place clutter-free, we also know it’s unrealistic. Every little thing will have a sentimental value and that’s how a messy home starts to materialize. But thanks to ARTKIVE, your child’s artwork laying all over the house can be condensed into one or two places depending on how you go about it. Read More →

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Artisan Tiny House is a specialty project providing support in the form of top-quality building plans which can be used for the production of tiny homes. A tiny house on wheels can be an excellent way to have amazing flexibility for the future. Not only will you have the option to move your home at any time but the artisan house plans are created with the idea of offering any cost savings benefits. With plans on wheels that can range from $0-$249 to download, building a home and having a completely mobile and energy efficient living space is within the reach of almost any individual. The full set of plans details everything you need from the best building materials to step-by-step instructions for sealing your home. Read More →

Champ Stool – Chair And Cooler In One

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What’s better than relaxing on a comfortable stool? Why drinking a cold beer while relaxing on a comfortable stool of course. The Champ Stool multipurpose stool that can be used a small table, a container for storage, or it an even be used as a cooler to keep food and snacks chilled. Read More →

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I usually do lots of reading and gaming on the bed but I also spend plenty of time tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. The Utsubusene Cushion 2 is a follow-up to successful cushion that was designed specifically for people who prefer to read, work, and game while on the floor. The cushion features a comfortable and flexible frame that makes it easier to enjoy longer sessions on the floor so you can get through more chapters, get more work done, or beat that game in only a few sittings. Read More →

Urban Gardening With The Garden Tower 2

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If you happen to live in the ever expanding cities of America and Canada, you know very well how difficult it is to acquire a detached home with a little front and backyard where you can do some gardening. The prices are just staggering so the majority of us have no choice but to live in apartments, condos, and town homes with a tiny cubical sized yard or patio. Despite these challenges, a good number of people still enjoy what we can refer to as urban gardening. If you are interested in gardening despite space constraints then check out the Garden Tower 2. Read More →

Post image for Windblocker – Wind Noise Reduction Accessory For Phones

Okay I’ve never personally had any issues with wind noise during my outdoor conversations on my cellphone but apparently it must be a thing for a company to come out with the Windblocker. Yep, the Windblocker is intended to reduce wind noise when in windy conditions. This is a cell phone attachment and it is supposed to go over the microphone portion of your phone letting you still speak and be clearly heard but cutting out the windy background noise. Read More →

Post image for Hanger Chair – Seating And Storage All In One Unit

Regardless of the house, townhouse, or apartment you move into there will always be the issue of not having enough space. Even if you do have extra space, it won’t be long before it’s all used up. For people who don’t have much seating space for house guests, they generally go the folding chair route but even those take up space when not in use. The solution is the Hanger Chair by Philippe Malouin. Read More →