Periodic Table for Science Geeks

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I never thought learning could be this much fun. This must-have Periodic Table for Science Geeks is for all those science enthusiasts, students and teachers interested in learning more about the world and the universe. It is not just a chemistry class Periodic Table but it integrates the sciences of physics, astronomy, geology, anthropology, psychology and biology with chemistry and mathematics in a way that makes learning fun. It methodically takes each element on the periodic table and associates its element symbol to scientific stuff, inventions, concepts, theories and explorations. Read More →

Post image for Nordic Grip Galoshes: Easy Slip-On Shoes for Icy Conditions

The Englishman Mr. Radley might have invented galoshes to keep his feet dry and to keep his rheumatism in check; we today have even more uses for them. When the weather suddenly turns bad and you don’t have that one pair of snow shoes that you always avoided to buy because winter was so short in your area. Well, if you are still reluctant to invest in a pair of shoes, here is a solution. In order to add more traction to your regular shoe soles, have a pair of Nordic Grip Galoshes which will just do that. These shoe covers can stretch over large pairs of shoes and are available in black and cyan colors and in three different sizes. You can pull them even over you dress shoes for added traction if you have to walk across the street to get to your office. The shoe covers will cost you around $55.

The Future and Past of Car Technology

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Let’s face it; we know car technology has evolved over time. And damn, what do you think about the past? We’ve been a long way, and cars have evolved to include hybrid engines and such, and now we’re facing sleeker designs than ever. But what about the future? What’s next for car technology? Let’s look at some good ways to project what’s new in car technology, and find out where we’re going and how we need to approach what’s next. Read More →

Winscape: Lets You Create A Window In Any Room


As the prices of high resolution HDTV flat screens have dropped in the last few years, they have been put to some unique and amazing applications. One of these is mounting them as virtual windows in rooms that lack natural light and view.

The Winscape system is simple to install. You need the required size of HDTV installed on the window, and the software which costs $34.95. And if you need the whole enchilada, you might as well add Microsoft Kinect sensor for another $98 which will provide a moving screen perspective of a real window in the wall. Read More →

UV Light Purifying Cutting Board

UV light purifying cutting board

If you are fond of cooking and spend most of your time in the kitchen, probably the one thing you hate most is cleaning up the dirty kitchen. You always wished you had a self-cleaning kitchen, after the mess you created during preparation of a home cooked meal.

While a full-fledged self-cleaning kitchen may be a wishful thinking right now, the Purifying Cutting Board System is a step in that direction. With a simple push of a button, this board purifier allows you to sanitize cutting boards without the Read More →

Lord of the Rings Bag End Bonsai Tree

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The Lord of the Rings trilogy is among the top movies in any geek’s favorite movies list; there are thousands of LOTR themed items available in the marketplace, from action figures to full blown hobbit houses and pubs.  Here’s something a little different, a Lord of the Rings Bag End Bonsai Tree. Read More →

wallhub switch plate

Every day, as you move through your home, you walk past light switches and outlets. It’s inevitable, homes just come with them, and for good reason. After all, having light is one of the most basic (and most awesome) perks of living in our modern age. But there’s a problem with light switches. Much like wrist watches of yesteryear, they’re a single function device, and we can’t have that, can we?  Read More →

Lumio: The Folding Book Lamp

Lumio Book Lamp

Here’s yet another great project being pitched on KickStarter, the Lumio Folding Book Lamp.  Lumio is a lamp that looks like a book when off; to turn it on, simply open the book and the pages are illuminated to give you light.

The project was placed on KickStarter on February 12, 2013, with a goal of raising $60,000.  As of this writing, over $280,000 has been pledged; I’m not the only one that thinks this folding book lamp is pretty cool.  The lamp is the brainchild of designer Max Gunawan and is designed to be multipurpose and portable. Read More →