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Marshall Amplifier Mini Fridge

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After a long day of work, a beer and some music seem like a good idea. Beer together with rock and roll have for all time gone together properly. However, the new signature Marshall Amplifier mini fridge takes the connection to an entirely new level. The mini fridge features control knobs that go all the way up to eleven. The hard to believe fridge can hold up to 4.4 cubic feet of melting booze. The Marshall Amplifier Mini Fridge is especially ideal for music lovers and those tired with just a basic looking mini-fridge restricting their style while enjoying their drinks. One can finally have a mini fridge that keeps your drinks cold and also is eye-catching. Read More →

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A few of my buddies love casino gambling. They love getting dressed up and heading out to our local casino for a night of poker or blackjack. Sometimes, they’ll plan a long weekend or a vacation around a casino trip, aiming for a bigger, more extravagant experience. Read More →

Post image for At the Casino and at Home, This Free Casino App is a Must

A few weeks ago, my wife and I scheduled a long-deserved getaway. We spent four amazing nights at the beautiful Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh. While we were there, we had mouth-watering food, enjoyed live music, and saw some great shows. Read More →

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If you fancy kayaking either as a sport or just a hobby, you are aware of the struggle that comes with transporting a kayak. Moreover, paddle boards and surfboards are not exactly easily portable either. You always need a giant truck to get your kayak or surfboards wherever you go, which is rather tedious. However, you do not have to worry anymore since the new Pakayak is in place to solve such water sports problems. Pakayak comes along in six distinct pieces that are all apart. You can simply carry them in your backpack and easily carry such around. Read More →

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I take a lot of precautions to keep my computer secure. I use antivirus software, scan it regularly for viruses, malware, and other nasties that could be an inconvenience (or worse), and password-protect all of my sensitive files and information. Since I use my computer to make a living, I can’t risk anything going wrong with it. Read More →

Post image for Do You Know the Secret to Finding the Best Bingo Sites?

In the days of traditional bingo, you had to get in the car, drive to a bingo hall, and sit in silence while you played (as talking during games is considered bad manners). Online bingo changed all of that with its remote play and online chats, and the game is bigger and better than ever before. (Here’s a resource for those who want more information on this game.) Read More →

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been immersed in geek culture. I grew up on a steady diet of anything and everything Star Wars-related. My bedroom was filled with comic books and action figures. Gaming wasn’t just a hobby, but a way of life. I devoured the Lord of the Rings series as soon as I was old enough to read them and moved on to the George R. R. Martin-created world inside of Game of Thrones. Read More →

Post image for Sumo Tube: A Wearable Inflatable Tube, Allows You Body Surf, and Ride Waves

Freestyle towable are hard to get especially for people who love to surf and ride waves. You can now wear the inflatable Sumo tube to bodysurf or tow behind a boat or whatever other exciting water activities you wish to carry out. Skimming across the waters has never been easier thanks to the inflatable Sumo tube which is a huge inflatable tube that is worn just like the dress. Consequently, the inflatable Sumo Tube lets your body ride waves, surf or be pulled by a boat as you only float across waters. The Sumo Tube also has an inflatable body board with cable attachment to facilitate keeping your head over water when tubing in the rear of a boat. Read More →