Siva Atom: The Bicycle Powered Phone Charger

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Nothing is more terrifying than losing power on your phone when you are out in the wilderness. If you are biking to work or on the mountain trails, then you can convert that paddling energy back into electrical power to charge your phone or other gadgets with Siva Atom.

This is a device that can be attached to the back wheel of a bike and powers up the battery as you paddle. The device is weather resistant up to IP-4 standard and can withstand shock and tumbles. There is one thing, however, if your bike has disc brakes the device will not work. Read More →

The Rain Lamp

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Here is a unique lamp that produces a visual effect as rain drops over a pond of water and producing ripples therein. In combination of light and water, the rhythmic sound produced by the lamp simulates the tingling sound of raindrops.

The Rain Lamp system consists of a globe that holds water, an LED light, and peristaltic pump system where the drops fall onto the reservoir in the globe. When the falling drops hit the water, it creates a reflection on the floor that resembles ripples on the surface of a pond. Read More →

NShow 3D Virtual Dressing Mirror

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Here is an ingenious idea that takes the pain out of clothes shopping. The worst thing about clothe shopping is to go into a dressing room with a bundle of clothes and try-on several different items and still not find the right fit or design.

The NShow 3D Virtual Dressing Mirror is actually a high resolution screen shaped like a mirror. You can select any color, size or design by just clicking on the menu on side of the screen. It allows you to choose from the whole catalogue of clothes. In other words it’s your virtual dressing room. Read More →

Nest Thermostat – 3rd Generation

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Ever since its introduction in 2011, Nest thermostat has become a household name in Europe and the Americas. Like its predecessors, the first and second generation Nest thermostats, this third generation thermostat consists of two primary pieces of hardware. The display contains the main printed circuit board and rotating ring, and the base houses the connection terminals, bubble level, and holes for wall anchors. Neither can function independently; if separated, the display becomes inactive until reconnected to the base. Read More →

Metal Desktop Clock Fan

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Sometimes you wish to be the coolest guy in the office. Yes; temperature wise too; the fan will keep you cool while you work.  This gadget on your desk will catch everyone’s attention with its LED clock numbers appearing as if they are floating in the air. So you will not only be cool, you will also be aware of the time all the time. Read More →

Driver’s See-Through Sun Visor

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The idea of internally mounted sun visors is as old as the automobiles themselves. Even visors made of green mica date back to early 1930’s.

This tinted glass vehicle visor blocks blinding glare during your morning or evening commute without obstructing your view. The shatterproof, 100% polycarbonate shield can be clipped securely to any automobiles visor instantly thus eliminating the need for sunglasses which may not be readily accessible. It may provide additional glare protection even if you are using sunglasses. The smoke-color tint also blocks damaging UVA/UVB rays. Read More →

Spy Pen

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In good old days the spies used invisible inks that were applied to writing surfaces with a specialty purpose stylus, stamp, fountain pen, toothpick, calligraphy pen or even a finger dipped in the liquid. Once dry, the written surfaces looked as if they were blank, with a similar texture and reflectivity as the surrounding surface.

The documents were later made visible by different methods according to the type of invisible ink used such as heat or by application of some appropriate chemicals. Read More →

Touch Activated Cordless Lamp

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This is a handy light source for emergency situations that does not require any electric outlet and is activated by just a touch of hand. The light is bright enough so you can read a book. Read More →